Knights of Columbus Helps ISIS Victims


Knights of Columbus pic
Knights of Columbus

Michael “Mike” Vasaturo serves as vice president of New Haven Terminal, Inc., where he supervises the organization’s financial, operational, and human resources services. Apart from his work, Michael Vasaturo supports a number of charities, including the Knights of Columbus.

Over the past year, the Knights of Columbus organization has provided almost $2 million in relief funding for Christians and other religious groups in the Middle East that have been victimized by ISIS. When the Knights of Columbus decided to contribute the money, organization CEO Carl Anderson said it was important for the Knights to go beyond mere words in fighting on behalf of the religious groups.

Over the past year, this funding has helped keep medical centers in Iraq up and running. The money also provided relief aid for Syrian Christians affected by the civil war, particularly those in the Aleppo area.


SIF Sends Italian-American Students Abroad

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Sons of Italy Foundation

Michael Vasaturo, known as Mike to his friends and colleagues, is currently working as the vice president of New Haven Terminal, Inc., in New Haven, Connecticut, where he manages all financial areas of the company’s business. A senior executive in his workplace, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo is also a member of various civic organizations, such as the Order Sons of Italy.

The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) is a national organization comprising of people with Italian-American heritage. The OSIA works to promote Italian-American heritage, language, culture, and contributions to society. The organization was originally founded in 1905 as a way to assist the multitude of incoming Italian immigrants. Today, OSIA has hundreds of thousands of members scattered across the United States.

In addition to promoting Italian-American culture and heritage, OSIA also has a thriving foundation. The Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) raises money for a variety of charities and organizations but also focuses on providing Italian-American students with the opportunity to study abroad. The SIF Scholarship Fund is merit-based and looks for students with exceptional leadership skills as well as innovation and intelligence. To find out more about the scholarship, or OSIA’s work, visit

Dance Marathons for Children

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Children’s Miracle Network

Michael “Mike” Vasaturo is the vice president of New Haven Terminal, Inc., where he is responsible for the company’s finances and operations, including such tasks as managing insurances and human resources for the employees. Outside of his work, however, Mike Vasaturo spends a great deal of his time volunteering and supporting charitable organizations, such as the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Children’s Miracle Network is a North American nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for local children’s hospitals. The charity was founded in 1983 with a telethon aimed at raising money for 22 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada that quickly spiraled into a larger, more long-term organization.

The Children’s Miracle Network has a multitude of ways in which they raise money and awareness for its cause, but one of its main fundraisers is more creative than the rest: the Miracle Network Dance Marathon. The event, started by college students as a tribute to a fellow classmate who had died from HIV/AIDS, takes place over the course of an entire year. A group of students will spend the year organizing and raising funds for local children’s hospitals, and then end the year with an 8 to 40-hour dance marathon and celebration. In 2016 alone, these dance marathons raised over $26 million for local children’s hospitals.

Greg Bird Returns to Yankees for 2017 Season

Greg Bird pic
Greg Bird

A former senior manager at Ernst and Young, Michael Vasaturo has since worked more than 25 years at New Haven Terminal in Connecticut, where he is now vice president. In his free time, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo enjoys watching his favorite Major League Baseball team, the New York Yankees.

The Yankees opened the 2017 season with the youngest opening day roster in 15 years. First baseman Greg Bird is one of the many first- or second-year players for whom the team has high hopes. The 24-year-old fifth-round pick missed the entire 2016 season recovering from shoulder surgery. As a rookie in 2015, Bird hit 11 home runs and drove in 31 runs in 46 games, hitting a .261 average and .343 on-base percentage.

A former MVP of the Arizona Fall League, Bird was expected to be the Yankees’ starting first baseman in 2016 prior to his injury. New York signed veteran Chris Carter as insurance in case Bird couldn’t return in spring training, but that wasn’t the case. Bird hit eight home runs in the spring, which tied him with Washington’s Bryce Harper for first in the league.