Differences between Types of Running Surfaces

Experienced business professional Michael “Mike” Vasaturo is responsible for both the financial and operational aspects of New Haven Terminal, where he is chief financial officer. Outside of work, Michael Vasaturo enjoys staying active through recreational running, a pastime that requires fitness and commitment. Runners can enjoy the benefits of muscle strength, weight loss, and heart health by running on any of the following surfaces.

Sidewalks are naturally made for foot traffic, and are a great option for city runners. Those who run on sidewalks should make sure to run while facing traffic, keeping an eye on oncoming vehicles. Bright clothing with reflective properties is recommended to increase drivers’ visibility of you.

For runners who enjoy seeing statistics, a treadmill is an excellent option. Treadmills keep track of elapsed running time, distance traveled, and calories burned, which helps to motivate some runners. Additionally, indoor treadmills are a great option when the weather outdoors is too extreme for running.

Trail running is an excellent strenuous activity due to rocky terrain and the natural inclines and declines of paths. As a bonus, trail runners are exposed to the natural beauty of the outdoors while engaging in exercise.