Boys Town – Sharing Positive Experiences Helps Ostracized Students

An experienced senior-level management professional, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo is the vice president and chief financial officer of New Haven Terminal in Connecticut. An active member of the community, Michael Vasaturo has been involved with a number of volunteering and community events over the years, and he currently donates to several organizations, including Boys Town.

Dedicated to strengthening families and helping abused and neglected children become responsible adults, Boys Town offers a number of services and shares new information about caring for children with the public. Just recently, the organization released research gathered from its Center for Behavioral Health. This new research suggests the students who are socially rejected may experience more positive interactions with their peers when their positive interactions are shared.

The research carried out at the center focused on students who “tattled” about a positive interaction with a student to the teacher, thus giving the rest of the class the opportunity to see the positive qualities within the student who was previously left out. This information falls in line with the previously accepted idea that children seek acceptance and approval from their peers and adults. Based on this information, Boys Town is continuing to encourage positive feedback from teachers and parents as a way of reinforcing future positive behavior in children.