Four Principles of the Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus

Michael “Mike” Vasaturo serves as chief financial officer and vice president of New Haven Terminal in Connecticut. In addition to his professional endeavors, Michael Vasaturo is also involved with the Knights of Columbus (K of C), a Catholic nonprofit which abides by the following four principles.

1. Unity: Members of the Knights of Columbus recognize that the work of many can do much more for others than the work of only one. The organization perpetuates the idea of unity, creating a network of individuals who can work together to accomplish large tasks and feel comfortable relying on each other for support.

2. Charity: Because the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization, it places significant emphasis on volunteerism and participation in charitable events and activities. Many efforts of individual, localized chapters put specific focus on causes which benefit veterans and the hungry.

3. Patriotism: K of C members come from many different backgrounds, and all are expected to exhibit pride in both God and country.

4. Fraternity: The organization offers membership to any man 18 or older who remains steadfast in his Catholic faith. This qualification establishes a commonality between all of the men who choose to join, and brings many different kinds of people together harmoniously in the spirit of providing charity to those in need.