Keeping Athletes Healthy at Special Olympics Connecticut

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Special Olympics Connecticut

As Vice President and CFO, Michael Vasaturo oversees the financial operations of New Haven Terminal in New Haven, Connecticut. Throughout his career, Mike Vasaturo has participated in many corporate and independent charity events, including volunteering with Special Olympics Connecticut in several capacities.

In addition to hosting fun and enriching athletic competitions for people with disabilities, Special Olympics Connecticut enriches lives through its healthy athletes program. This remarkable service offers health screenings, preventive care, and education to athletes at no cost.

Special Olympics Connecticut recognizes that people with intellectual disabilities often receive substandard medical care, and sometimes no medical care at all. To combat this, the organization offers an impressive array of free health services to athletes who need them.

Available services for athletes include podiatry, physical therapy, dentistry, vision, and audiology. The opening eyes vision program is proud to have distributed almost 100,000 pairs of prescription glasses to athletes who need them. Healthy athletes also offers a health promotion program, which teaches athletes to care for their bodies and make healthy choices every day.