Knights of Columbus Offers College Scholarships

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Knights of Columbus

As the chief financial officer of the New Haven Terminal in Connecticut, Michael Vasaturo manages the company’s human resources and its relationships with bankers. Mike Vasaturo also donates to several charities, including Knights of Columbus.

Founded in 1882, the Knights dedicate themselves to many local, nationwide, and global projects. One major aspect of their mission is scholarships offered for Catholic institutions of higher learning. Intended for men going into the priesthood, the Father McGivney Vocations Scholarships consist of $2,500 for one year’s tuition, room, and board. They are given based on need and can be renewed for up to four years. Also offered are Bishop Daily Vocations Scholarships, which are awarded on the same financial terms for academic performance.

The Knights provided 40 McGivney scholarships for the 2015-2016 year to first-year students attending 35 schools of theology in the United States and five in Canada; 50 participants received renewed funds. Of the Daily scholarships, nine were given to American first-year students and one to a Canadian seminarian; 17 scholarships were renewals. Members of the Knights are preferred for the scholarships, but not exclusively. Students whose fathers are Knights are also eligible.