Knights of Columbus Announces Charitable Donations

Knights of Columbus pic
Knights of Columbus

Michael (“Mike”) Vasaturo operates as the chief financial officer of New Haven Terminal, Inc., where he leverages his experience in the marine port services industry to handle functions ranging from risk management to banking relations. Outside of his professional life, Michael Vasaturo maintains membership with the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights recently announced a donation of $50,000 to the Pope as a means of helping provide relief to children who were impacted by the Rome earthquake earlier this year. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson secured an audience last August, at which point he informed the Holy Father of the donation.

In addition to the relief funds for those affected by the earthquake, the Knights recently contributed funds to provide relief to those impacted by flooding in Louisiana.

The Knights of Columbus also announced its support of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy on the American Continent, which is currently ongoing in Bogota. This effort will provide assistance to those from disadvantaged backgrounds in the city while promoting united among Catholic clergy throughout the Americas.


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