Thomas More Exhibit on Display in D.C.

Thomas More Exhibit pic

Thomas More Exhibit

With vast experience in the marine port services field, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo currently serves as the vice president and chief financial officer of New Haven Terminal, Inc., where he handles functions such as risk management and banking relations. Outside of his professional life, Michael Vasaturo is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus, along with the Christian Heritage Center, are co-sponsoring an exhibit at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine in the nation’s capital entitled, “God’s Servant First: The Life and Legacy of Thomas More.”

The exhibit opened in September, and the National Shrine is the only place it can be seen in the country. More served under King Henry VIII, but would be executed in 1535 for refusing to recognize the king’s claim to the leadership of the English church. St. John Paul II canonized Thomas More in 2000, extolling his life’s work and naming him the patron saint of politicians. The exhibit will feature several pieces that haven’t been on display in America until now.

The exhibit is available for viewing each day until March 31, 2017.