Tips for Good Running Form

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Running Form

As vice president of New Haven Terminal, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo oversees all financial and operational activities for the organization. Michael Vasaturo also maintains an active personal life that includes such athletic hobbies as swimming and running.

A successful run depends on good form. Proper form keeps the runner from over-stressing the body while making the stride as efficient as possible. Strong running form begins with an erect posture that incorporates a straight back, level shoulders, and a vertical pelvis. Many runners have to consciously prevent themselves from leaning either backward or forward at the waist due to fatigue, which can also cause a slouching that puts pressure on the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Runners should keep the shoulders relaxed and allow the arms to swing gently back and forth. Movement of the arms should come from the shoulders, not the elbows, which should remain bent at no more than a 90 degree angle. Hands should not cross the midline and should remain loosely held below the chest.

The stride should be short and quick. Many runners attempt to artificially lengthen their strides to cover more distance, but this is an inefficient use of energy and is more likely to lead to injury. By striving to land on the middle of the foot and then roll through the toes, the runner can perform at a higher level and more safely.