Scholarship Opportunities through the Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus


A graduate of St. John’s University, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo serves as vice president and CFO of New Haven Terminal in New Haven, Connecticut. Outside of work, Michael Vasaturo supports the Knights of Columbus, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in New Haven.

In addition to raising funds for disaster relief, food programs, and Christian refugees, the Knights of Columbus rewards hardworking students with numerous scholarships. In the 2015-16 academic year, the organization awarded over 650 scholarships totaling in excess of $1.93 million to students attending Catholic universities and colleges in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

All totaled, the nonprofit offers nine scholarships. Among these is the Matthews and Swift Educational Trust Scholarship, which provides as much as $25,000 per year to undergraduate students. In addition to meeting other requirements, recipients must be children of Knights in good standing who died or became disabled while serving in the military or who died while performing duties as a firefighter or police officer.

Also available are the Pro Patria and Fourth Degree Pro Deo scholarships, which award $1,500 to freshman students who are either children of Knights in good standing or members in good standing themselves of the Knights of Columbus or the affiliated Columbia Squires.

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