SIF Sends Italian-American Students Abroad

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Sons of Italy Foundation

Michael Vasaturo, known as Mike to his friends and colleagues, is currently working as the vice president of New Haven Terminal, Inc., in New Haven, Connecticut, where he manages all financial areas of the company’s business. A senior executive in his workplace, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo is also a member of various civic organizations, such as the Order Sons of Italy.

The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) is a national organization comprising of people with Italian-American heritage. The OSIA works to promote Italian-American heritage, language, culture, and contributions to society. The organization was originally founded in 1905 as a way to assist the multitude of incoming Italian immigrants. Today, OSIA has hundreds of thousands of members scattered across the United States.

In addition to promoting Italian-American culture and heritage, OSIA also has a thriving foundation. The Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) raises money for a variety of charities and organizations but also focuses on providing Italian-American students with the opportunity to study abroad. The SIF Scholarship Fund is merit-based and looks for students with exceptional leadership skills as well as innovation and intelligence. To find out more about the scholarship, or OSIA’s work, visit