Scholarship Opportunities through the Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus


A graduate of St. John’s University, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo serves as vice president and CFO of New Haven Terminal in New Haven, Connecticut. Outside of work, Michael Vasaturo supports the Knights of Columbus, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in New Haven.

In addition to raising funds for disaster relief, food programs, and Christian refugees, the Knights of Columbus rewards hardworking students with numerous scholarships. In the 2015-16 academic year, the organization awarded over 650 scholarships totaling in excess of $1.93 million to students attending Catholic universities and colleges in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

All totaled, the nonprofit offers nine scholarships. Among these is the Matthews and Swift Educational Trust Scholarship, which provides as much as $25,000 per year to undergraduate students. In addition to meeting other requirements, recipients must be children of Knights in good standing who died or became disabled while serving in the military or who died while performing duties as a firefighter or police officer.

Also available are the Pro Patria and Fourth Degree Pro Deo scholarships, which award $1,500 to freshman students who are either children of Knights in good standing or members in good standing themselves of the Knights of Columbus or the affiliated Columbia Squires.

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Injury Prevention Tips for Runners

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Injury Prevention

A transportation executive by profession, Michael Vasaturo serves as the vice president of Connecticut’s New Haven Terminal. In his personal time, Michael Vasaturo is an avid runner.

To avoid injury, the runner must first ensure that he or she is well prepared for the workout. Experts recommend a warmup of 3 to 5 minutes of relaxed walking and 5 minutes of alternating running and walking. Deep stretching should not be a part of this warmup, as the muscles are not yet ready for such demands.

This gradual approach should extend to the runner’s overall training plan as well. Many runners push themselves into a rigorous routine and over-stress various muscles and joints, which can then suffer serious damage. Many runners benefit from limiting mileage increases to 10 percent per week, which can provide a challenge without risking overwork, and from limiting speed increases to 30 seconds per mile above race pace.

Even when following a moderate plan, however, runners must be on guard against potential problems. Most running injuries come on gradually and make themselves known through pain and soreness. A runner that notices such signals can benefit from taking three days off, then restarting with a slower-paced workout to ensure that the pain is indeed gone. If not, another break may be in order.

If pain persists or comes back, the runner may wish to examine his or her technique. Many runners cause themselves pain by using a stride that is too long, which can create excess impact on the feet. A stride that is just 10 percent shorter can reduce impact and mitigate the risk of injury. The runner should also assess whether he or she is leaning too far forward and adapt by returning to an upright posture, which supports a natural gait.

Yankee Stadium’s Design Honors Tradition


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Yankee Stadium

The chief financial officer at New Haven Terminal in Connecticut, Michael (Mike) Vasaturo, is responsible for the oversight of all of the organization’s financial operations. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Michael Vasaturo is an avid New York Yankees fan.

Built in 1923, the original Yankee Stadium was the home of stunning victories, legendary players, and countless memories. After over 80 years of use, numerous updates, renovations and rebuilding projects were necessary to keep the stadium up to date and accessible. In 2005, the team finally announced plans to build a new Yankee Stadium directly next door to the original stadium.

Opened in 2009, the new Yankee Stadium is a blend of traditional, beloved elements from the old stadium and new features that will continue to draw the next generation of fans to the ball field. Throwback features include bleacher seating in the outfield, a new limestone and granite facade that is constructed to look like the original stadium’s facade, and a copper frieze that graces the upper deck. New features include luxury and party suites, a martini bar, picnic areas, and a steakhouse.

For nostalgic fans who wish to hold on to a piece of the old Yankee Stadium, seats, bleachers, and even pieces of freeze-dried sod are available for purchase. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Knights of Columbus Insurance Careers

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Insurance Careers

As chief financial officer of New Haven Terminal Inc. in New Haven, Connecticut, Michael Vasaturo oversees all areas of finance within the company, including human resources, risk management, and banking relations programs. As a successful businessman, Michael “Mike” Vasaturo supports many of his favorite charities, including the Knights of Columbus.

The world’s foremost fraternal benefit society, the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization involved in a number of areas, including insurance. The Knights of Columbus offer careers as insurance agents, representing a number of insurance products including life insurance, disability income insurance, and retirement annuities.

Knights of Columbus insurance agents have the opportunity to serve the Catholic community and work with people of the same faith, helping them to take care of financial risks. Agents are able to create their own schedule and determine their own idea of success, as well as build a career aligned with their own values and goals.